Sauk Prairie Ambulance Association

About Us

The Sauk Prairie Ambulance Association was established in 1968 to provide pre-hospital care and transportation of the sick and injured in our service  district. The first ambulance and crews began serving the community in 1969 and our crews have continued to provide around the clock coverage for over 40 years. The service is licensed at the EMT-Intermediate Technician level.


The Association's district covers approximately 196 square miles in three counties and serves a population base of over 14,600 people. This area includes the villages of Sauk City, Prairie du Sac and Merrimac; the townships of Merrimac, Prairie du Sac, Roxbury; and portions of Troy, Honey Creek, Sumpter and West Point townships. The Sauk Prairie Ambulance Association is governed by an Ambulance Commission consisting of a representative from each municipality and oversees the administrative and financial aspects of the Association through a Director who manages the day-to day operations of the service.

Special Operations

Along with ambulance crews who respond to daily calls for service, we have a dedicated group of individuals who have volunteered to take additional training to become a member of one of our Special Operations Teams. The training and equipment for these teams are funded by generous donations from the community through fundraising activities as well as private donations from the community and businesses we serve.

Our Special Operations Teams Include:

Field Defibrillator Program
Bike Medics
Search and Rescue
Tactical Emergency Medical Support